Information about is the alternative that you can use on any web browser, to login to the local settings page of the router, instead of you going through the hassle of finding your default gateway IP. You can login to the settings of your router by opening on any device that is connected the netgear router. This page enables us to configure and setup the router during the initial setup wizard. We can access the page anytime we want to configure or change the settings of the router. is the address that takes the user to router settings page, to have access to the settings however, you must be familiar with administrative credentials the default values of which are mentioned on the router label, or you can set your own password during the initial setup wizard. takes us to the web interface provided by netgear which allows us to display and change the router’s settings.

NETGEAR Smart Genie Setup

Netgear smart genie setup is the tool introduced by netgear which makes it easy for the user to setup and configure the device according to their needs during the initial setup. Smart genie setup is the wizard that runs on when we try to access the internet over a netgear device on which the network hasn’t been set up. The setup wizard can also be run later, at one’s convenience. The smart setup gives the user information about the network is that will be setup once the wizard completes. The users can select the operation mode of the router, according to their needs.

What is NETGEAR Genie?

Netgear genie is the built-in web interface on netgear products. It is application which allows to monitor and control the network. Netgear genie gives the users an unambiguous view of the existing settings of the router, the user can change these settings to suit their requirements. Once you open and enter your password, you will see the netgear genie interface where you can check the basic and advanced settings of the router.

NETGEAR Router Setup

Netgear routers are the one the best routers in the market, and hold a considerable chunk of the networking equipment market. The routers are extremely effective and the initial setup process is easier than most. Netgear router setup has been made very easy by introduction of netgear genie smart wizard and the interface for the routers is so simple yet convenient that configuration of routers can also be done by first time users.

Prerequisites for setting up a new router:

1. Make sure the ISP is providing you an internet connection

2. Gather all the required hardware to switch on and connect the router to the internet

3. Ensure that the cables that you are using are in good condition and don’t get disconnected often

4. Check for power in the power source that you’ll be using, It is recommended that you plug the power cable directly into the wall socket, remove any surge protectors if present.

NETGEAR Router Login

The user can log in to the router’s web interface to display and change the settings of the Netgear router. The router’s password is set during the initial setup wizard, using this password we can log in to it.

  • 1. Look for your router’s IP address under the status of the active network connection or under network preferences for mac
  • 2. On any web browser, open the IP address or

  • 3. The Netgear genie page will open if the correct address has been entered
  • 4. The web interface will ask for your password
  • 5. Once you type in the password and hit ok, you will be able to login to your router’s settings

How to access webpage? is the page that displays the router’s web interface for your Netgear router. To have access to this page, follow these steps:

  • 1. Make sure the router whose settings you want to access is switched on
  • 2. Also ensure that the device on which you’re trying to access the settings is connected the network from your Netgear device
  • 3. Run any web browser, on the address bar, type in, and open up the website

login and setup netgear router

  • 4. Netgear genie will ask for the admin password to login

How to change Router Login Password ?

The default gateway IP address with most routers is Using this IP you can have access to your router’s web interface. Netgear routers have a built in security system which allows only authorised users to have access to the settings. The user has to fill in their authentication information which is the password for the router. The default login details can be found on the router’s label itself.

To change the administrative password, you have to login the router settings using the existing password first. To change the password for the router follow these steps:

  • 1. Open the router login page using or the default gateway IP address
  • 2. Log in to the admin account using the current password
  • 3. The Netgear genie page will open up for you.
  • 4. Open the Advanced tab and click on administration
  • 5. Select the router password option
  • 6. Enter the existing the password on the field that is labeled as old password
  • 7. Type in the new password twice to confirm
  • 8. You can also change your saved security questions over here
  • 9. Click on apply to save the settings on the router
  • 10. The router will save and apply the new settings. Login using your new credentials